In a fast moving world where we are very connected, but don’t really connect, it is our mission to create time and space to enjoy food together, become aware of the origin of our food, to reconnect and have respect for everything nature gives us.

Food Creativ organize B2B events as transformation diners, brand activation events and breakfast 2 business events.

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Food Creativ is founded in  2012 by Edwin Sander

Our goal; create time and space to reconnect with nature, ourself and each other through the form of shared food experiences. becoming aware is the first step towards change. 

Food Creativ is a diverse group of optimistic and bright minds drawn from diverse backgrounds, united by our passion for food a common desire to make a positive mark on the world.  We aim to bring together those who can help push society forward through the power of shared experiences, innovation and open conversation.

We organize transformation diners, brand activation events and  breakfast 2 business events. Eating at Food Creativ is a shared experience of high quality food and joyful services.
Once a month we serve you a three-course breakfast celebrating food, art & craftsmanship from around the world in one of Amsterdam's multi-cultural hotspots.
When people eat together at our events, they find their own space to connect, introduce themselves, get to know others and create new relationships.




Film & montage: Tessa van der Neut | Regie: Angenita van der Mee

Film: Bram Juist | Regie: Angenita van der Mee