The Morning Breakfast





the morning at Vincent Mock Gallery

A collaboration with ForensenseLab, we explored the theme "learning to live and die" featuring Futurista & founder Lisanne Buik. A breakfast experience of life and death, this time at Vincent Mock gallery.


The morning at HE.RO

On your way to HE.RO you meet everybody on the ferry. A contemporary art gallery in Amsterdam-Noord. Surrounded by art, we served a breakfast inspired by Maurits and Gabriel, the founders and owners of HE.RO.


The Morning at rem eiland

They had to take a couple stairs, but the view was definitely worth it to climb all the way up to the old helideck. Breakfast with a view over the city. How NUTS to welcome our favorite Morning people at REM Eiland. This edition was inspired by Nutorious peanut butter.


The Morning at Impact Hub Amsterdam

A Sunny Sunday morning, between Oosterpark and the Amsterdam tropical museum, there is this unique location called Impact Hub Amsterdam, a place were people creating a radically better world. This edition was all about kombucha, community and connecting with impact makers.


The Morning at Zoku Hotel Amsterdam

Every Zoku x The Morning edition is a breakfast feast. Music from Sing songwriter Norman Vladimir, food inspired by his hometown, an awesome space, we just love to come back to this amazing rooftop place with lookouts over the city of Amsterdam.