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In a fast moving world where we are very connected, but don’t really connect, it is our mission to connect people over food.



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On the 27th Januari, we invite you to join us once again for The Morning! In collaboration with The Greek Deli, The Morning edition 16 will explore the theme "Epicurus" featuring Mother of Greece & founder Effie Halkidis. We will be preparing another epic feast, this time at Atelier de Vijzel.

Epicurus was a Greek philosopher. He was the founder of the epicurism named after him. What matters in this philosophy is personal happiness, according to Epicurus, the highest good in human life.

We serving up a 3 course breakfast experience whilst celebrating food culture, art & craftsmanship from around the World. Whatever the weather, our tables will be filled with great food and company- the perfect recipe! 

Don’t miss out on snapping up your spot at this unique Amsterdam location.


We are a diverse group of optimistic and bright minds drawn from different backgrounds, united by our passion for food a common desire to make a positive mark on the world.  We aim to bring together those who can help push society forward through the power of shared experiences and open conversation. Food Creativ creates impactful, beautiful and culinary events.


Food Creativ creates impactful, beautiful and culinary events tailored to your individual needs. For private and corporate clients.

Once a month we connect people over food. Inspiring guest speakers and exciting locations. Let’s have breakfast together.

Food is more than surviving, but also more than dining in a exclusive restaurant. Food connects friends, family and cultures.


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