We create time and space to connect over food

Food Creativ organises food experience events that create time and space to connect over food. We do this because food is more then surviving, but also more then eating in the most exclusive restaurants. Food connects friends, family and cultures. In a fast moving world, it is our mission to create time and attention for food. To enjoy food together, become aware of the origin of our food and to have respect for
everything nature gives us.

Food Philosophy
In the zen monasteries of Japan, China and Korea, to be a cook one should be highly developed in spirituality. A cook should be able to concentrate and maintain a positive and friendly mental state. He or she should be happy with their work, content and mindful, and a tolerant and creative individual. The food should be prepared in a state free from negative thoughts and emotional poison. We can all learn from this. Cooking should not be job oriented, but done with interest, willingness and joy.
Food Creativ enjoys when preparing, when offering to our loved ones, and when watching the afterglow.

From a business point of view, this translates into the following values:

New beginnings
We’re always looking for new ways of collaborating and creating events that are innovative, sustainable, and sometimes slightly out of your comfort zone.

Our ingredients are pure, honest and unprocessed.

Our food has the perfect balance of nourishing you while not letting your energy drop from large quantities.
At the same time, we’re creating balance on a social level, by connecting our guests at the table.

What matters to us is becoming aware of the origin of our food. Being aware is the first step towards change and we hope to inspire you to make more sustainable choices at home. There’s a clear link between input and output.

Joy connects all of these values. We experience joy in creating, connecting and inspiring.