The Morning Breakfast









Once a month..,

We serve you a three-course breakfast celebrating food, art & craftsmanship from around the world in one of Amsterdam's multi-cultural hotspots.

Whatever the weather, big tables will be filled with great food and good company at a special location. The perfect recipe for a great morning.

Next event: 22 July 2018 in Amsterdam. Watch this space, tickets available on Sunday 24th of June.


Film: Bram Juist | Regie/Montage: Angenita van der Mee



Be our next artist.


Host our next breakfast event. 


These passionate woman and men share a taste for excellence, which they create daily in their lives.

 Mail us if you wanna share your taste on our breakfast event .


Show it to the world! Send us your location, for a collaboration.





A small selection of our events.

The Morning x ZOKU

When the guest chef isn't that much of a cook, something amazing could happen. This Morning edition we collaborated with singer - songwriter Norman Vladimir. Brining us amazing Sunday morning tunes in between courses inspired on his youth in Tennessee. 

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edwin sander
The Morning x Nemo

It took a small hike, but the view was definitely worth it to climb the stairs to the roof of Nemo with a view all over the city.. How awesome to welcome our favorite Morning people at DAK, the rooftop restaurant at Nemo!

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